Bouquet: A Bath-based pop-punk revival

With a classic pop-punk sound and the use of floral motifs, Bouquet is bound to move beyond Bath and into the greater U.K. rock scene. After headlining a small venue in Bath called Moles, the band hopes to continue to gain exposure and develop their sound. All four members of Bouquet are in their finalContinue reading “Bouquet: A Bath-based pop-punk revival”

The White Lakes: On their sold-out first headline and upcoming music

After selling out their first headline at the Cellar in Oxford last Saturday, it is apparent that the White Lakes’ hard work is paying off. All four members of the White Lakes are in their final year of school at Oxford College, bringing a youthful energy to the U.K.’s alternative rock scene. They’ve only beenContinue reading “The White Lakes: On their sold-out first headline and upcoming music”