Bouquet: A Bath-based pop-punk revival

With a classic pop-punk sound and the use of floral motifs, Bouquet is bound to move beyond Bath and into the greater U.K. rock scene. After headlining a small venue in Bath called Moles, the band hopes to continue to gain exposure and develop their sound. All four members of Bouquet are in their final year at the University of Bath, and plan to move the project to London after they graduate.

bouquet logo

Bassist Jake Tullett and rhythm guitarist Chris Burden had been trying to start a band for years, and after a couple of failed attempts, Bouquet was born last October. The band features female guitarist Ellie Holden, who keeps the three men of Bouquet in check. Jake Tullett says that her love for pop music, “keeps our feet on the ground so we don’t just end up shouting.”

The rest of the band has a love for punk and pop-punk. Tullett is particularly inspired by the 2005 UK pop-punk scene, featuring bands like You, Me at Six, who are incidentally from Surrey, Tullett’s hometown. His sentiment for that era is audible in Bouquet’s power chords and emotional vocals.

They currently have two released songs, “Ula” and “Magdalen.” Tullett explained that Magdalen tells the story of Jake’s time living in London, not being happy where he was, and looking forward to something different. They have been playing a third original song at live shows, but it does not currently have a name. Their live sets also include covers of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love” and Jose Gonzalez’s “Heartbeats.”


Photo courtesy of Bouquet

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